Lockdown Freebies!

Posted on May 26, 2020 at 8:53 pm

With so many of us stuck inside during lockdown due to the current worldwide covid-19 pandemic there are several games completely free for us to check out. Big players such as Sony have made some top games free for us to play, most of the big players in the gaming scene have released special offers but what deals are worth checking out?

Xbox one – Xbox one players have something to look forward to every weekend with them offering all players to trail two new games every weekend. More often than not there is at least one top name game to cure your boredom with!

PC – weekly games from the epic games store – since its launch players have been treated to 2 free games every week. Definitely something worth checking out.

PC – Uplay is offering users a free title that they can permanently keep during lockdown!

These are just some of our favourite picks right now but new offers are being released all the time currently so its always worth keeping up to date.

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