Buyin Second-Hand Classic Gaming Consoles

Buying an old console is a great way to play games. They can play classic games from the past, make use of features that only certain consoles have and some can even be found for bargain prices.

Thats one of the best parts, the price. Many older consoles can be found for second-hand prices, but work just as well as if they were brought brand new. Of course games will need to be purchased too, so be sure that the games are reasonably priced for the console you are considering.

A good place to start is on ebay, almost everything that can be considered clasic gaming can be found there. But be sure to check old reviews and classic game forums before investing any amount of money. You might even find someone whos willing to part with their beloved classic gaming machine if they feel you would apreciate it.

The Revealed Features Of The Nintendo Switch So Far

With the new trailer for the Nintendo Switch showing off how it works visually, a full list of the actual features are yet to be revealed. However, it can be surmised that it will have the following abilities, at least judging from the trailer.

  • A docking unit that is used to deliver the systems gameplay image onto a TV screen
  • A HDMI port to connect with the TV.
  • It seems necessary to use the tablet console to play games.
  • It appears to have 2x USB sockets on the side.
  • It looks to include a charging and power indicator light and is confirmed to charge the console when docked.
  • The portable tablet is powered independently, allowing for mobile gaming.
  • The controller consists of two parts which are detachable.
  • The controller ‘parts’ clip to either side of the console itself, transforming it into a larger handheld device
  • There is a separate independent controller available for home gaming.

Retro Replay – Star Fox 64

Named Lylat Wars in Europe, Star Fox 64 is a 3D scrolling shooter game in which the player takes control of Fox McCloud, who pilots an Arwing starfighter. The game is a corridor shooter, so movement is set on a fixed path but the Arwing itself can be maneuvered along the ‘corridor’ it flies through.

The game immediately feels like a space opera, with dramatic music the second you press the start button all the way to the final credits. The voice acting is fits tone of the game perfectly and helps to make some of the characters, just, pretty awesome.

As you play there are multiple paths through the Lylat solar system, each of which have different difficulty levels with overlapping shortcuts and routes. This adds greatly to the replayabiltiy of the game and gives it an arcade feel.

The game is adored by its fans and is remembered as an iconic Nintendo game.

Holding On To Old Games

For some, once a game has been played its done with and there’s no reason to keep it. For others, a game is a piece of art and should be kept in a library like a important novel. Whether you hold onto old games is down to a personal preference. However, holding onto them can actually be an investment. Both for money and even for the sake of history.

Video games are becoming mainstream now. Like anything which becomes mainstream, it has to have had come from somewhere that was not mainstream, this means games used to be something special, something that doesn’t come along often.

Many people don’t realise it yet but video games actually hold a creative love that is only found in the greatest examples of art and literature throughout history. Games such as Metal Gear Solid and Ocarina of Time were made in such a way, in a certain time period, that they can not be recreated. Not least in a medium that bows to mainstream thinking and service.

Monster Hunter Generations

Exciting times are ahead for Zelda fans for the new “The Legend of Zelda” game coming later this year after the E3 announcement. But while your waiting for the game to be released you can get your hands on Monster Hunter Generations game released early last year if not already.

When you take a look at the trailers it has a lot of similarities to the Zelda games, even with the sound effects and the fighting styles, but with a whole new storyline thrown into the mix with even bigger monsters

You basically take on the role of a fledgling monster hunter who embarks on a primary quest to become an ultimate hunter. As your journey through the game you will encounter 4 villages that you have to defend from the various monsters that attack; these monsters will be larger than life and you will have to learn new skills and tactics, such as hunting styles and hunter arts that allow you to fully customise your game style to take them down.

Hone in on and master your arts in your solo quest or battle it out with teammates; it’s advised that you form a party with up to three other friends locally or online to take on the toughest challenges together though. There are many challenges in the game, all with different degrees of difficulty. You can get new quests from the store, so there is always something new to keep you motivated and challenged..