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Which Is The Best System For VR Gaming?

Posted on June 26, 2017 at 7:54 pm

VR games have slowly begun to gather momentum and are gradually becoming worth the hardware investment. Games like Star Trek Bridge commander and Minecraft VR have turned VR from being simply a gimmick, to a worthy way to exeperience games.

But which system is the best for VR gaming? At the moment PC is adopting VR very well, but it requires a PC that can handle it which can cost a fair amount more than simply choosing one the other option. The other option being PS4 VR, a system that has many decent VR games already and several that are on PC too. The PS4 VR is also easier to use than the PC options, but it slumps when it comes to graphics and controller options.

In the end the PS4 Pro is a good choice for VR, providing you don’t already own a standard PlayStation 4. But if you already own one of these, it’s worth waiting until the next generation of VR capable consoles or if you can’t wait and have the extra money, buy a powerful a gaming PC.

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