Sunless Sea: Words and Murder

Posted on April 11, 2015 at 9:39 pm

Games very rarely use words in a good way. Most use them in disgusting, overbearing fonts to tell you how long your kill streak is, or what your score is or to point you towards your next objective. Sunless Sea is a game that embraces the joy of the word; it is a game about you, the unknown sea captain, taking over an abandoned ship and hiring on a crew of miscreants and making your way through an underground ocean meeting people and meeting people with bizarre stories, personal touches and endless layers of mystery.


The game marries this love of the word to a haunting soundtrack and a beautiful visual style. That, coupled with the game’s myriad free updates, has meant that the game has proven to be extremely popular with people. The game is unlike anything that was around at the time, and anything that has come since. I can’t put it down.


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