YouTube and gaming

Posted on July 20, 2015 at 3:31 pm

Another thing that has spawned in the recent ages that gets my goat when it comes to gaming is YouTube, for two very different reasons. The first is the age of the internet, YouTube gaming celebrity. Some do some good work; uncovering gems and spreading them to the masses, giving a spotlight to usually invisible games. The other side of the coin is people with such a huge following who become lazy and spout uninformed opinions which their followers take as gospel. That’s not a problem of the viewer; they have to trust someone for information, but taking advantage of that trust is bad.
Also games are completely picked apart on YouTube now. Every achievement has a video telling you how to get it, every secret is filmed and studied by hundreds of people who share it online. Every tip and trick in multiplayer games that took people a long time to learn and perfect is there in easy to digest videos; taking the skill and understanding out of much of gaming.

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