Wii gaming facing new competition

Posted on August 27, 2013 at 10:19 am

Nintendo Wii is facing stiff competition in the motion detection gaming console world. Previously, the Wii had the entire market, with them being the only widely available gaming console which relied upon it. The other two, Playstation and Xbox had both stuck to the more traditional path of the use of controllers without any motion detection. As a result, wii provided a source of entertainment that was seperate from the other two, as this removed them from the competition largely. This has changed over the last year though, with Play station and Xbox coming out with their own takes on motion detection gaming. Both of which, most people will argue, are more capable than the Wii. Nintendo will hardly stop doing what they have shown to be very effective at though, so over the next few years, with them all doing similar things, we can expect to see more competition, and this means that we will likely see more improvement as well, with new consoles coming out. We could well see considerably more improvement over the next few years in this area than we have in the last 5.

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