Gaming Commitments

Posted on June 7, 2015 at 8:42 am

One of the most difficult things that the modern world has introduced (I know, I know first world problems) is that there is just too much choice. There are too many things that we can potentially fill our time with, especially when it comes to technology. Gaming is not immune to this either; the sheer volume of games available across any number of devices is simply staggering, overwhelming and requires a different kind of mindset from the player.
You need patience and commitment, much like you would do in a relationship! Maybe you have a list of 40 games installed on your PC; maybe you have five or six that you fancy playing at any one time. I often find that while playing one I’m thinking about the others, but the trick is to commit. Pick one, shut out the outside world and really immerse yourself in the game you have chosen.

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