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Nintendo To The Close The DSi Shop

Posted on April 17, 2016 at 6:54 am

If you have a Nintendo DSi and/or a Nintendo DSi XL device and have been heavily reliant on DSi store, toaccess DSiware downloadable content you will be sad to hear that there store will be closed on 31st March 2017; 8 years is not a bad run considering.

It may be time to ditch the outdated DSi device and go for something that’s current like the Nintendo 3DS. With regards to the DSiware that you do have, and availability on the 3DS. Nintendo released an update on June 2011 which made it possible to access the DSi Shop’s library of DSiWare games through the Nintendo eShop, where you can transfer from the DSi system to the 3DS system whilst you still can; be aware that not all games will be compatible, so you may lose some games you like and have to find alternatives. The points can still be added using DSiware until September 30th 2016, and content can be purchased until March 31, 2017 when the shop will be closed.

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