Buying Second-Hand Collectors Edition Games and Guides

Posted on March 12, 2017 at 8:10 pm

There are many collectors of’ ‘collectors edition’ games and game related books, especially on the internet. Collectors edition items are highly sought after, especially now as games are downloaded digitally more often and classic games become older and rarer.

When browsing for collectors items be sure to check if they are new, which means that it is still wrapped in it’s original packaging or box, or if it is opened. The difference in price between these can be huge. Sometimes items will be listed as ‘as new’ or ‘vintage’, either of which doesn’t effect it’s value nearly as much as if it were truly new.

Collectors edition guides can be worth a surprising amount of money online, sometimes even more than the actual game it’s for. The prices for game guides can vary wildly, and combined with the fact there are usually many iterations of games with very similar names, it can make getting the right guide for the right price very confusing.



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