Xbox One Updates

Posted on May 19, 2014 at 9:28 am

Microsoft have now announced that they will change their mind on originally supplying the Xbox One console as a complete bundle with no exception. They now are looking to supply a cheaper bundle that excludes the Kinect, yet still comes with everything else.

The decision was on the basis that this is what the customer wants. It can also help in the long run for Microsoft should their customers need a replacement Kinect. Another decision on the basis of customer feedback was the ability to access popular features such as YouTube and Netflix from the Xbox Live area without the need for a Gold subscription. Now whether you have Xbox Live Gold or Silver you can now enjoy a plethora of online streaming services at no additional costs.

There is also a new system update available for the Xbox One console that changes the layout, has better app integration and an improved security and party app integration.

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