Tips on Optomising The PSVR

Posted on May 31, 2017 at 11:10 pm

Some users have reported issues when using the PSVR (Play Station Virtual Reality) But with a few tweaks these issues can be remedied. Here are some quick tips on optimising the PSVR to get the best possible experience.

  • When setting up the PSVR, make sure that the exact pupil measurements are set up accurately. This can be done on the PS4’s dash settings, simply go to¬†Settings > Devices > PlayStation VR > Measure Eye-to-Eye Distance, and callibrate it from this menu
  • When calibrating the PSVR make sure to check if there an any windows or reflective objects that might be reflecting into the systems tracking lights, As these can sometimes cause issues with the camera’s tracking.
  • Placing the camera in a high position¬†looking down allows for 360 Move tracking for games which may use it.
  • Make sure that the PS4 is fully updated as hotfixes and updates are constantly being added to the system.

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