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Monster Hunter Generations

Posted on June 20, 2016 at 7:22 am

Exciting times are ahead for Zelda fans for the new “The Legend of Zelda” game coming later this year after the E3 announcement. But while your waiting for the game to be released you can get your hands on Monster Hunter Generations game released early last year if not already.

When you take a look at the trailers it has a lot of similarities to the Zelda games, even with the sound effects and the fighting styles, but with a whole new storyline thrown into the mix with even bigger monsters

You basically take on the role of a fledgling monster hunter who embarks on a primary quest to become an ultimate hunter. As your journey through the game you will encounter 4 villages that you have to defend from the various monsters that attack; these monsters will be larger than life and you will have to learn new skills and tactics, such as hunting styles and hunter arts that allow you to fully customise your game style to take them down.

Hone in on and master your arts in your solo quest or battle it out with teammates; it’s advised that you form a party with up to three other friends locally or online to take on the toughest challenges together though. There are many challenges in the game, all with different degrees of difficulty. You can get new quests from the store, so there is always something new to keep you motivated and challenged..

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