Final Fantasy XIV: A realm saved

Posted on March 12, 2015 at 11:13 am

Final Fantasy XI is the greatest massively multiplayer online role playing game ever conceived by man. Perfect in, almost, every way. It stands to reason, then, that everyone in their right minds would then get excited about Final Fantasy XIV; the second Final Fantasy MMORPG from Square Enix, and some of the minds behind Final Fantasy XI. The excitement, as it turns out, was completely misplaced. The game launched with horrendous issues, an enormous lack of content and extremely sub standard gameplay that made the entire experience an embarrassment for players and the company alike.

Fast forward two years and ‘A Realm Reborn’ has been released. A brand new team from within Square Enix took the reigns, explained away the old story and forged ahead; making a game that, while still not perfect, has gone some way to restoring their public image and recouping a lot of the profits from the original game.


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