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Wii Sports Club

Posted on July 16, 2014 at 3:19 pm

From the gaming revolution that was the Nintendo Wii which brought you Wii Sports, they have now revamped the gaming offering and upgraded to the Wii Sports Club.

In this new update the Wii Sports club offers you the the opportunity to challenge friends and new friends to online duels of your favourite online Wii Sports Games. If you think you are a dab hand at tennis, or a world class golfer or you can get more turkeys than thanks giving in bowling, you would be silly not to want to participate.

You can download the specific sports you want and increasingly surge your way through the rankings till you reach the number one spot. Having the Wii Remote plus takes the gaming to another level adding interactivity and a more immersive game play experience. You can set up local games, train with friends so you can go head to head with the world or go on the leagues and test your skills.

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