Why the Wii U can still be Successful

Posted on January 23, 2014 at 12:16 pm

The Nintendo Wii U may not be leading the line along with the likes of Playstation and Xbox, however, it can still be successful. The range of games Nintendo can offer will always see some kind of demand, and though it may not be an audience that’s extremely large in size, it’s still an audience none the less.

What Sony or Microsoft deems as successful may not be exactly what the Wii deems successful, and though sales are not the best for the Wii U right now, there are going to more releases, and more games means more sales, that’s a fact.

Once the sound quietens over Sony and Xbox we feel Nintendo will begin to gather some pace, because many people can grow bored of the new gaming systems quickly and that’s when things can look brighter for the Wii.

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